With clear calls to action, rich game narratives and no-code integration across platforms, we make lasting performance changes.

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Next generation gamification

Our platform goes beyond simplistic game mechanics; it matches game rules and elements with the performance objectives of the enterprise. It helps employees and their managers transform performance through awareness, engagement and real-time feedback – a “quantified self” interface that was made for humans.

Use gamification to communicate objectives and track performance and behaviour, so everyone can see how they are doing, what they need to do next, self-reflect and learn.

Captivate attention
and motivate with narratives

Narratives are a strong driver of human behavior.

GamEffective uses rich graphical narratives from sports to racing and more. Narratives have the power to make employees the heros of their game – not a name on a leaderboard.

Narratives can provide deep context and drive balanced achievement of (often conflicting) KPIs, giving employees a sense of meaning, mastery and autonomy.


Quick no-code integration across platforms

enterprise gamification integrations

To deliver clear calls-to-action that keep employees aligned and in the know, our gamification platform accompanies employees across all enterprise systems, rewarding real life behavior. The platform has an open architecture, offers simple integration and is IT friendly.

As a result, our gamification projects are quick and simple to launch. One of our unique differentiators is the ability to work across several enterprise applications at once, such as integrating elearning into any enterprise application and more.

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GamEffective understands what it means to drive employee and customer engagement, and it was very easy for us to implement those solutions, to test their capabilities, and to take them to market with us.


Oren Stern
Senior VP Product Strategy / Verint

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