Give Feedback
Set Goals
Game On

Real-time digital motivation

Drive employees to better customer satisfaction by showing them their KPIs – CSAT, AHT and FCR. KPIs give employees real-time feedback and encourage them to correct their course when needed, driving performance and accountability

Give Feedback

Manage Customer Service Behavior by Setting Goals and Tracking Them.

Set KPIs from Handle Time to Customer Satisfaction, Training to Call Resolution. Each employee gets their personalized scorecard so they can see how they are doing at any given time.

Set Goals

Recognize, celebrate, play

We focus on sustainable gamification mechanics that work, with innovative narratives.

Game On

Make learning happen

Training – for new products, campaigns and onboarding – isn’t easy. Personalizing learning to fit with service representatives’s strengths and weaknesses isn’t either. Our solution is full of elegant micro-learning and communications to ensure employees are in the know.


Drive insight

Analytics matter, so you set the right goals and success. Our analytics let you do that.


Manage your Customer Service Quality

Contact center leaders want to better manage their people, by driving the behaviors that lead to better service quality and customer satisfaction. Our platform lets you do just that, so you can communicate performance requirements – what to do and how – measure, and let employees self-track their progress. Measure AHT, FCR and more – and drive the on-the-job learning you need when and where employees need it most.

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How to Gamify Contact Center Performance and Learning

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More Learning


Employee Satisfaction


Performance Improvement

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