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Bite-sized learning

Employees can see their onboarding and learning missions and challenges. Learning on the GamEffective system is served as micro-learning sequences – made of quizzes, simulations and media – and served sequentially, in bite-sized pieces. Learning KPIs can drive employees to meet certifications and benchmarks for learning completion.

Give Feedback

Get your learning action plan in place

GamEffective’s platform makes it easy to create learning experiences for your employees. You can integrate the platform with leading Learning Management Systems, connect to learning materials, or quickly author great simulations, quizzes and blended sessions with our authoring tools.

Set Goals

Great Narratives to Drive Deep Games

Our learning narratives – city building, global explorer, scavenger hunt and zombies – are all about driving employees to mastery and knowledge retention. Boosters, notifications and real-time communications drive engagement with micro-learning sequences.

Badges, social sharing and leaderboards close the loop by engaging employees with feedback mechanisms.

Game On

Shine the learning light where it matters

Setup the system to prompt on-the-job learning to boost knowledge when it’s missing, when it’s time to be certified and when new elements are introduced. Learning is available both on desktop and mobile and can be repeated until knowledge retention has been achieved.


Drive insight

Use analytics to see what engages employees and where learning is lacking. Companies using us for learning see a 300% increase in learning completion rates.


Serve eLearning for Success and Knowledge Retention

The world of Learning Management is changing. Learning management systems are transforming from systems of record to systems of engagement. GamEffective lets you create compelling micro-learning elements on its system or connect to any LMS or media.

It then engages employees by setting a pace to their micro-learning and by combining learning (both in-class and on-the-job) into compelling gamification mechanics, encouraging completion.

Our game narratives – from city, through global explorer to zombies – drive engagement and fun.

Among our customers:


Companies using GamEffective see:

3 X

More Learning


Employee Satisfaction


Performance Improvement

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