We drive daily interactions that make your people great.

There’s a better way to manage employee performance, motivation and learning. Whether we drive a daily dose of coaching, motivation, learning or engagement, we have a real impact on your business. The world’s leading enterprises are using our enterprise gamification platform.

Among our customers:

A new way of managing employees
  • Real-time Feedback
    Give employees a live view of their targets, benchmarks and achievements, like a fitness tracker for work.
  • Recognize, motivate, play
    Our gamification platform has the most advanced set of features in the industry, including narratives, engagement automation and more
  • We make learning happen
    We tie and trigger learning to actual performance, with rich learning options, from Instructor-led-training to mobile only spaced learning.
Enterprise Gamification

Made for busy lives, and new ways of managing people

The world around us is changing and so is work. We’re tuned for brief interactions with feedback, media, our goals, coaches and managers. That’s why companies are turning to real time communications with their employees, whether for learning, performance coaching or recognition. That’s the way we work now.

Performance and learning are better together

Traditional HR software separates learning and performance, but in real life they are deeply interconnected. Often, performance issues stem from knowledge gaps. Our system helps identify those gaps and directs the right microlearning to remedy them. On the learning side, we can prompt learning that is required, ensure learning is applied at work or provide performance support.

Engagement Automation

Just like marketers use personalized communications to engage their audiences, employees should be prompted to engage with their performance goals or learning. Gameffective does just that, sending eLearning nuggets, coaching messages, challenges and more, using a unique rule-based engagement automation system.