Gamification isn’t complicated; most of it ties in to our basic human needs of engagement and intrinsic motivation.

Yet, the creation of engaging games that are lasting and drive performance requires skill and deep best practices know-how. We aren’t  looking for a one month boost or a gimmick – gamification is human focused design that should and can leave lasting changes, serving enterprises for months or years.

That’s why we work hand in hand with our customers through our customer success squad. We help our customer define game rules, check them against real data and ensure games are enhanced over time so that everyone keeps their eyes on the ball. Our success squad also assists customers in measuring gamification ROI and in choosing the right narratives and KPIs for each game scenario.

Trust our success team to tie fun into work and training into on-the-job tasks and to help you measure and manage it all. We also support consulting for clients who wish to first check what gamification approach would best work for them.