Game On

Our learning narratives – city building, global explorer, scavenger hunt and zombies – are all about driving employees to mastery and knowledge retention. Boosters, notifications and real-time communications drive engagement with micro-learning sequences. Badges, social sharing and leaderboards close the loop by engaging employees with feedback mechanisms.

Get your learning action plan in place

Gameffective’s platform makes it easy to create learning experiences for your employees. You can integrate the platform with leading Learning Management Systems, connect to learning materials, or quickly author great simulations, quizzes and blended sessions with our authoring tools.

Bite-sized learning

Employees can see their onboarding and learning missions and challenges. Learning on the Gameffective system is served as micro-learning sequences – made of quizzes, simulations and media – and served sequentially, in bite-sized pieces. Learning KPIs can drive employees to meet certifications and benchmarks for learning completion.


Get the learning you need when you need it, custom made just for you. Enjoy fun and engaging learning activities that will boost your proficiency and improve your performance. Get performance support with access to any relevant learning materials whenever and wherever you need them.


Stay on top of your employees learning and performance through your Manager Analytics Console. Identify your employees’ knowledge gaps and provide the relevant coaching, at the click of a button, right when they need it to supercharge business performance

HR Leaders

Empower employees with the knowledge they need be great at their work. Boost onboarding and increase course completion and engagement with your SuccessFactors content. Tie learning to performance data to discern the real ROI of your corporate learning activities.


Sometimes the best device is the device employees already own & cherish. With mobile microlearning for several minutes a day, employees are sure to bite.

Adaptive and personalized

To make the most of training, each daily nugget should be at the right level for the employee and tied to their actual performance. We do this through personalized learning algorithms, repetition practices and can even check employees’ actual behavior to prompt the right learning at the right time.