Allan Morales, Regional Training Manager at SYKES Latin America, was facing a tough situation: having an On-Boarding experience which wasn’t effective and memorable for new hires.

SYKES Latin America recruits and trains thousands of people annually. We all know that recruiting and training can be costly, in addition to delivering outstanding business results which include: employee engagement, learner satisfaction & key performance indicator improvement.

Initially, SYKES’s On-Boarding program consisted of five Instructor-Led Training days and learner feedback indicated low learner satisfaction, later we learned that facilitators felt the same! “We were using very long slide decks and training was flat and monotonous” said Morales. They also wondered whether this was effective at all, or were people just clicking through slides?

SYKES LATAM decided it needed to modernize their On-Boarding program and do so in a way that would cater to its Millennial hires and better fit them. Modernizing learning doesn’t immediately mean using Gamified microlearning, yet this was the path chosen by SYKES. “We felt that Gamified microlearning could work well when combined with a Learner-Centric approach and that it can shorten the time we had for On-Boarding. We also thought that it would remedy the poor learner satisfaction results”

“Even after we decided to go with Gamification, we had many doubts, such as whether there will be pitfalls associated with the approach, how to avoid misconceptions about Gamification and whether to build or buy?” After analysis and deliberation, we decided to look for a “plug & play” Gamification platform that could help us get where we wanted.

SYKES LATAM also listed its requirements for a platform, some of which were:


• Scalable• Cost effective
• Built-in content authoring tools• Quick Implementation time
• Support for multiple languages and locations• Security Compliant
• Engaging and user-friendly interface


After Gameffective was chosen, Morales says that the biggest challenge was to modernize the course materials. Notwithstanding the simple authoring tools within Gameffective, the main issue was transforming the long form and flat training materials into learner-centric and bite-sized microlearning.

Today, SYKES LATAM is using Gameffective for its On-Boarding sessions. “When I enter the classrooms, the difference is immediately noticeable: you can actually see people are having fun. In fact, they suggest using the same approach with all learning activities, since it’s so much better” says Morales.


As part of their solution, SYKES LATAM is using a city narrative, which contains strong social elements that are perfect for a classroom. They upgraded the learning materials to use multimedia, blended learning, simulations authored on the Gameffective platform, SCORM-based courses, quizzes and assessment which are also built in the platform.

The results? On-Boarding was shortened from 5 days to 3.  “We have great results” assured Morales “with 100% completion, high satisfaction for both learners & facilitators. Learner satisfaction grew from 79% to 92% overall and we’ve observed a shorter time to competency.”



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