A large telecommunications provider was faced with the challenge of almost null use of a Remedy BMC system. We typically discuss gamification in the context of changing performance and culture in a company, however, this organization approached Gameffective in search of a way to get its employees to adopt its new Remedy BMC IT software. When they first contacted us no-one was using the system, so discussion of change management was not yet on the cards. Luckily, we had an enormously successful gamification implementation.

The process included using reminders and habit formation. Just like any app or service looking to create more traction with its users, just reminding the employees of the existence of the software works wonders. A simple email campaign began, notifying users of the game and narrative chosen for the project: city building. The result was an immediate hike in adoption.

Another goal of the implementation was to form habits – making the increase in Remedy use a sustainable habit. To do this City Building was chosen — a gamified, fun narrative that works well for knowledge management and eLearning scenarios. The goal was to build a city and the more articles one had, the more city assets (such as buildings etc.) the user acquired. If an article was useful, it also contributed to the city’s growth. The game included both individual and team challenges and added external game communication.

The results were a 7X increase in usage rates (654 articles created by 121 employees); 69% of the articles created during the gamification project were created by game participants; employees that participated in the game created 2X more articles as those who did not; and in the knowledge sharing department, articles were marked as useful 836 times.

Overall, there was a complete change in attitude towards the company’s Remedy software. Months late, users are still engaged!


  • Use gamification to enhance adoption of an enterprise’s knowledge sharing software


  • 7 X increase in usage rates
  • 69% of articles created during the gamification project were created by game participants
  • Game participants created 2X more articles than non-participants
  • Months later, users are still engaged


  • City Building


  • BMC Remedy