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eLearning and Gamification: Credit Union Case Study

SLIDESHARE: On-going training and development, especially for on-boarding new team members is a pressing need for any credit union. Offering financial products requires knowledgeable employees and therefore an on-going need to serve learning and development materials that will help employees be more effective and engaged at work. In this talk, Hadas Kasher of Gameffective explained what gamification is, the principles of human engagement and motivation that underlie its power, and how it is applied for learning, on-boarding and performance management.

VIDEO: Gamification for Customer Experience – Tuning Performance Management

Vikram Subramaniam, VP Customer Experience at Elance-Odesk-Upwork, is a customer experience expert. We met with him to discuss his views of gamification and customer experience. Prior to Upwork, Vikram ran customer experience at Yahoo!. He also spent time in senior roles at Ebay, KPMG, and Netflix. This video contains great insights Vikram has about using gamification at Yahoo! to drive customer experience.

knowledge collaboration gamification case study

Gamification for BMC Remedy: a Case Study & Some Tricks Too

We typically discuss gamification in the context of changing performance and culture in a company. But sometimes gamification is about getting the software adoption ball rolling. Because – guess what – when you have enterprise software and no-one is using it, you first need to get adoption right before you talk about change management.
That was the case for a large customer of ours. They wanted to implement Remedy BMC IT in their organization. There was one catch: employees didn’t use it. Luckily for them, we had an enormously successful gamification implementation.

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Infographics: Gamification for Knowledge Collaboration Case Study

We recently deployed our gamification platform to encourage adoption of a knowledge sharing platform implemented by one of our customers. Before gamification, the knowledge management platform wasn’t used much by the workforce (customer service employees spread across countries and continents). The goal of the gamification implementation was to form new habits of creation and consumption of knowledge management content. The narrative used was city building – more articles meant more assets, and articles that were useful contributed to the city as well. Both individual and team challenges were used, as well as external game communication. The case study results were presented as an infographic, which we wanted to share with our blog’s readers.

feedback in gamification by gameffective & the Target cashier game: feedback is essential to gamification

One of the benefits of gamification is the immediate feedback it can give people about performance. I believe this is one of the more salient points about gamification, but it is nevertheless often missed as people imagine looking at their leaderboard position at the end of the day, but don’t get the compelling immediacy of gamification and its power of real time feedback.

What gamification offers is that instead of a too-late discovery – “oh, I’m not performing well today”, which immediately dampens enthusiasm for the remainder of the day – performance can be reflected as feedback immediately, effectively indicating the next best action. Gamification can be used to immediately tell people how they are doing and give them the auto-corrective measures to do so. That’s why we’ve compared gamification to fitness trackers such as fitbit and even wrote about the quantified self becoming the future of HR software.

Yahoo! Gamification Case Study

We’re incredibly proud to announce our newest case study: “How Yahoo! increased its customer service KPIs by 10% in two weeks’ time”.

It features the story of how we quickly and effectively gamified Yahoo’s customer service, across geographies and teams, to create a lasting and sustainable improvement in KPIs.