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Don’t Target Top or Bottom Performers: Move the Middle

When looking to improve business performance through better employee productivity, managers tend to focus on either leaders or laggards. The logic goes this way: if managers can “fix” those under-performers and/or manage to get even more from the top 15% percentile, they should be doing much better. But this approach doesn’t work, and a cold, hard look at the numbers as well as research brought by the Harvard Business Review, proves the opposite. If you want to move your performance results, move the middle, not the top or bottom performers.

Employee Engagement is Not a Scam

Liz Ryan, Founder and CEO of Human Workplace, tells us in a LinkedIn post that employee engagement is a scam.

Here’s a quote from her LinkedIn post “The Employee Engagement Scam”

“Employee engagement is a fake business term that cropped up about twenty years ago because consulting firms and software firms saw something new that they could scam leaders into measuring.

Measurement is an addiction for fearful business and institutional weenies. They can’t stop measuring things because it makes them feel that they’re in control. When the measurements hit established targets, they feel cozy inside.

Employee engagement is typically measured via a once-a-year employee survey. The employees get to fill out a survey to tell their management team how ‘engaged’ they are, as though ‘engagement’ were a real thing instead of a made-up construct devised to give HR people something to measure.”

Reading this, I had a surge of contradictory thoughts.