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Gamification is OKR for the Workforce

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), which are one of the main tools used to manage performance at companies like Intel, Google, and other tech giants. This post argues that OKRs target knowledge workers, while gamification seeks to do the same for the general workforce.

What is the “Game” in Workforce Gamification?

Recently, someone asked me what is the “game” part of gamification. It’s a great question, and it was asked by an enterprise that wants to integrate personalized employee benchmark setting together with gamification: someone that is really “in the know”. But the question remains – what is the “game” and why “gamification”. We’ve written about the difference between games and gamification often – how gamification uses “game elements”, how gamification is like a fitbit for work, and how industry luminaries are describing gamification.

Yet, I was suddenly struck with the perfect metaphor for gamification: the ghost car, and this is what I’m about to share in this post.

gameffective user interface for gamification

It’s a New Dawn, New Day: Feeling Great about Gameffective’s New User Interface

As we enter the new year 2016, we’re bound to admit that we are very excited by the new User Interface for the Gameffective platform. The old User Interface did well for us. We deployed it with happy corporate customers, their employees used it for a gamification experience that improved performance, learning or both and we even got recognized as the leading platform in enterprise gamification. Still, we knew it was time to upgrade and make sure that our many insights of real-life workforce gamification deployments need to be embodied in a new user interface.

This is why we are thrilled to announce the re-designed user interface.

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Our 10 Best Workforce Gamification Articles for 2015

2015 has been a great year for workforce gamification. It was a year of great changes – a movement away from performance appraisals into “live” employee coaching, a year where workforce gamification became more mainstream and more enmeshed with performance and learning. Writing a blog depends on user feedback about what’s interesting (and what isn’t), so without further ado, we wanted to share with you our most popular 2015 gamification articles:

gamification learning and performance

Workforce Gamification: for Learning or for Performance?

Workforce gamification is on the rise, and its powerful potential is only beginning to be unlocked.

The question I often get asked is what is enterprise gamification used for. Broadly speaking, many workforce gamification projects we implement are either for performance – workforce performance management – or for training/onboarding – i.e. learning.

Today’s workplaces need both: real-time performance management AND better learning and collaboration. Each company can choose what it needs first, and sometimes a combination of both flavors is the best solution.

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5 Trends that Will Drive Employee Engagement in 2016

It’s that time of the year again: the time to look back at the year that ended; the time to predict where the next year is going. This thought exercise is especially fascinating as I write these words, since 2015 was a heck of a year for HR technology, and employee gamification specifically. I believe this rapid evolution will continue in 2016, mightily impacting organizational culture, HR and gamification. My main point is that we are moving away from SUBJECTIVE EVALUATION of employees to OBJECTIVE AND PROACTIVE DEVELOPMENT OF EMPLOYEES.

Here are 5 key HR trends in 2015 that prove this, and my guess-estimates at to where these are taking us in 2016: