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Monthly Gamification Roundup

As we do every month, we’re bringing you the most interesting and insightful articles about gamification that we read this month. Gamification is really growing as an industry, so this month I thought I’d write an edition which demonstrates how gamification is being used in completely different fields. Let’s look at the Gamification of Cyber Security, Gamification in Banking, Gamifying Politics and Gamification for Marathon Runners.

5 gamification books to read by gameffective

5 Must-Read Books on Gamification

The topic of gamification and its impact on employee engagement is “hot”; but what does it all really mean? Is gamification a video game implemented in the work place, a new form of corporate performance management, a FitBit for work, or ruthless competition between workers? In this post, we recommend 5 must-read books on gamification.

gamification and disney's inside out

Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out”: Gamification Personified

When I first saw the trailer of the latest animated Disney/Pixar computer-animated fantasy-comedy Inside Out, I knew I had to see it — something about the tagline “we all have little voices in our heads,” the question “ever wonder where all those emotions really live?,” and the billboard “a major emotion picture’ instead of motion picture.

The movie is an incredible portrayal of how our minds work. It shows the great extent to which we are driven by emotions and the peculiarity of the human mind. Watching his own daughter grow up, Pete Docter (who wrote the script) got the idea to make a movie set in the head of an 11-year-old little girl, Riley Anderson, where five emotions try lead her through her life, as do ours. It is also an interesting take on how emotions drive us, proving (to us) the point of gamification.

Tips & Tricks for Gamification Adoption: Emails

In many cases, gamification projects are really about using gamification for change management. The goal is the adoption of new behaviors to create new habits. For instance, driving adoption of and contributions into a knowledge management system. This was exactly the case when one of our customers called us. They had problems getting a cross-continent team of customer support specialists make use of a knowledge management system: they wanted to gamify the use of the knowledge management system, and reward people for creating and consuming content on it. We chose a city building narrative, designed the game and were ready to go. There was just one problem: the knowledge management was hardly ever used by anyone at the company. Why would people log into it now?

feedback in gamification by gameffective & the Target cashier game: feedback is essential to gamification

One of the benefits of gamification is the immediate feedback it can give people about performance. I believe this is one of the more salient points about gamification, but it is nevertheless often missed as people imagine looking at their leaderboard position at the end of the day, but don’t get the compelling immediacy of gamification and its power of real time feedback.

What gamification offers is that instead of a too-late discovery – “oh, I’m not performing well today”, which immediately dampens enthusiasm for the remainder of the day – performance can be reflected as feedback immediately, effectively indicating the next best action. Gamification can be used to immediately tell people how they are doing and give them the auto-corrective measures to do so. That’s why we’ve compared gamification to fitness trackers such as fitbit and even wrote about the quantified self becoming the future of HR software.

Learning gamification - joy tunes and gameffective

Music and Languages: eLearning gamification examples for the well-rounded

Based on a deeper understanding of human nature, how we learn and what motivates us to do so, it is evident that eLearning that incorporates game mechanics is far more successful. Why? Because people intrinsically love levels, missions and the satisfaction of doing something well. We are even prepared to repeatedly experience the “agony of defeat” to enjoy the “thrill of victory,” the feeling of success, that we have mastered something, that we have surmounted a challenge.

Given these insights, anything perceived as worth doing or worth learning is a perfect candidate for implementing gamification — whether its learning to play an instrument, learning a new language, learning to use the latest Microsoft Office, or even furthering one’s higher education. In fact, here is a closer look at five examples of successful elearning gamification.

event gamification by gameffective

What you should know About Event Gamification

What’s all the rage in event and conference management? Gamification. Event managers are told that an event without gamification isn’t done properly. They are told that using gamification in events makes the numbers for attendance, networking and that their social shares will hit the roof.

Is this true?

This post hopes to bring some order into the question of what is gamification for an event – and what real value can be derived from it.