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GamifiKAIZEN – Gamification and Kaizen – using gamification for continuous process improvement

The Japanese word Kaizen means “Good Change”.
Kaizen is a practical philosophy and methodology that focuses on continuous improvement of business processes.

Enterprise Gamification aims for behavior modification in business processes using gaming dynamics and mechanisms. Although its practitioners don’t often mention it, it is best implemented with continuous improvement in mind.

The Kaizen model is based on the assumption that people resist extreme changes. Instead, gradual changes are more effective.

Combining gamification with the Kaizen model can have surprising results. The PDCA Model (Plan, Do, Check Act) enables the implementation of small process changes.

On-boarding gamification: racing through the 90 days

Start your engines!

You’ve just recruited a new employee. You have less than 90 days to turn this new recruit into a productive employee. Okay, you already have a well-established on-boarding process. But the truth is that it is boring. New recruits consider it a burden.

How can you shorten the time-to-productivity?
How can you engage your new recruit in the on-boarding process?
How can you reduce failure and early-attrition rates?

The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot? lessons learned from gamification with my son

A couple of months ago I was facing two challenges: (1) My 5 year old son, Yali, refused to finish his meals
(b) I started a gamification project with the iGeneration (the generation after Y) population.
I got two lemons, so I decided to mix them and make lemonade. I downloaded Chore Pad app first. Chore pad is a tool made to motivate kids to complete their chores. When a child completes their chores they earn stars which are then redeemable for rewards devised by the parent.