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Using Gamification and “flow” to create employee engagement

This post is the second in a series of three posts, all dedicated to discussing the employee engagement funnel. You can read the first post in this series here.

The employee engagement funnel, although inspired by the sales funnel, isn’t about choosing employees or promoting them. The employee engagement funnel is about making employees aware of corporate goals and engaging them in learning and in getting others to align with corporate goals.
The funnel is a step-by-step visual demonstration of how each employee goes through the process of engagement, beginning with awareness of corporate goals, going through training and learning of corporate practices or offerings and eventually leading other employees through the same path.

Re-Inventing Learnification and Knowledge Collaboration: An Interview with Dr. Eran Gal

We asked Dr. Gal to share his insights about what motivates employees, what types of gamification work better than others and what obstacles a company might confront when implementing gamification. Since Dr. Gal is an e-Learning expert, the focus of the interview was on Learnification. Learnification means using Gamification techniques for the purposes of training or employee on-boarding; the use of game mechanics promotes learning, review of materials and encourages a sense of completion. It also provides clear calls-to-action during the process of learning, and is more effective than traditional methods. By creating inherent incentives to learn, implementation of learnification projects promotes better employee knowledge and satisfaction.

Learnification is Three Times Better. Promote Organizational Learning Through Gamification.

Learning and Gamification aren’t two different disciplines; they work side-by-side. Both are used to change employee behavior. One by promoting a better understanding of the job at hand, the other through encouraging certain employee behaviors and by providing clear and effective calls-to-action that follow the employee across systems and processes during the workday. That’s why effective learning and gamification, combined, unleash employees’ growth potential.

We’ve been doing a lot of learnification lately, mostly by gamifying training and on-boarding processes at Fortune 500 companies. The results: a gamified learning process is 3 times more effective that a non-gamified process !