White Papers

Sales Motivation and Enablement with Digital Motivation

Sales is a tough industry and requires a lot of work from sales employees. By using digital motivation and sales performance management systems these challenges can be overcome.

7 Steps to Subscription Learning

Subscription learning lets you use spaced learning, micro-learning and treats learners like “subscribers”. Learn more in this free ebook

Best Practices for Customer Service Gamification

Gamification provides customer service and call center employees with much needed engagement, transparency, feedback and training. Learn more with this free ebook.

Next Generation Learning Delivery: Free Guide

Everyone knows that adaptive or personalized learning is better. It’s stating the obvious. Where things get trickier is how to do that on a large scale without getting into a technology, content and implementation trap. This free guide will explain the basics of elearning engagement automation.

Next Generation Engagement Automation: Free Guide

Performance management engagement automation automates significant parts of the dialogue with the employee about their performance, sending messages and nudges that are personalized, contain coaching and feedback and drive employees to better performance.

Sales Gamification and CRM Pipeline Management

How using gamification can drive CRM adoption, better sales performance, and a more accurate sales pipeline forecast. Learn more with this free ebook.


On-demand Webinar

In this webinar with Dr. Eyal Ronen we discussed real-time Performance Management, and how it is linked to measurable business value. We saw how it is directly influenced by real-time performance data and optimized for business results.

On-demand Webinar

Are you thinking about gamification but not sure if it’s right for you? Would you like a better understanding of how gamification impacts employee performance?
Join us as we explore best practices for implementing gamification in contact centers and discuss how to create a business case for executives and stakeholders.

On-demand Webinar

In large, dispersed organizations, with multiple departments and a diverse workforce, it is difficult to sustain a continuous communication flow between employees and managers. In this webinar, we discuss How to apply continuous communication and feedback to make your employees better, stronger, faster.

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar we discuss how to drive continuous learning engagement and on the job application using gamified microlearning. We will review how learning can be adapted in real time based on actual employee performance and knowledge data. Lastly, we explore how gamified microlearning can be applied in practice and its potential impact on business results.

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar we discuss what is gamification and how it is most effectively applied in the contact center along with How it can be used to drive learning outcomes and what their applications are at work. We also touch on the benefits of deep gamification mechanics such as engagement automation and “betting on yourself”.

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar we will provide real-life case studies and examples of how gamification is used at work, in which industries, and how it drives motivation and learning. We will show what gamification looks like from the employee’s point of view, the manager’s point of view and how it affects company culture.

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar with Dr. Karl Kapp we discussed how to push towards creating individualized instruction using technology-based systems. We discuss how gamification, using triggers and alerts, can be used to provide customized, learner specific instruction in an engaging and thoughtful manner.

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar with Dee Nilles we discussed how to create emotional engagement and how it changed revenue and saved money in one of the world’s largest employee gamification deployments at Microsoft

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar we discuss 2 ILT case studies with Paulette Robinson from the Office of Personnel Management and Allan Morales from Sykes

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar with Ian Jacobs and Dee Nilles we discuss real use cases of how digital motivation helps control call center costs through better learning and performance.

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar with Dr. Karl Kapp and Roni Floman, we discuss four essential gamification elements in elearning that are used to drive favorable business and performance outcomes.

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar with Roni Floman, we discuss gamification elements like triggers, learning and campaigns, and explore how to use these to achieve meaningful outcomes at work.

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar with Connie Malamed from The eLearning Coach and Tal Valler from Gameffective we discuss gamified microlearning, and how to use it to avoid overloading working memory for reaching better results.

On-demand webinar

Join us in this webinar with Dr. Umar Ruhi and Roni Floman, and learn all about the MDA framework and the key essentials to implement in enterprise gamification, for creating an effective learning process.

On-demand webinar

Join us in this expert series webinar and learn new tips about using game mechanics and boost employee engagement as well as learning retention of company materials and practices

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar with Dr. Will Thalheimer and Roni Floman, we discuss about the learning landscape, gamification and microlearning, and explore how to use these to drive performance through learning.

On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar with An Coppens and Roni Floman, we discussed how using gamification can increase engagement and connection with employees.

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar with Roni Floman, we learned from real-life case studies about the use of gamifucation and feedback to drive engaged workforce and improve learning

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar with Roni Floman, we talked about using gamification & feedback to drive and engage workforce performance and learning.

On-demand Webinar

Monica Cornetti joined us on August 24 to talk about motivating people and engaging them in eLearning activities

On-demand Webinar

On July 26th, we held a webinar with Yaniv Corem, (mis)chief design officer at YCXD and Roni Floman, our VP marketing.

On-demand Webinar

Andrzej Marczewski joined our VP marketing Roni Floman to discuss Learn how user types impact the application of gamification at work

On-demand Webinar

Roni Floman and Sivan Feingold discuss eLearning and new methods to keep you employees engaged

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar with Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools and Roni Floman, VP Marketing at Gameffective, we will discuss driving sales motivation and performance with gamification and learn:

On-demand Webinar

Our solution expert Neal Harrow joined us last June and presented the Gameffective platform for performance management and learning



“We’re feedback Junkies” – Gamified performance management supercharges employee focus at Ageris

Verizon’s Cellular Sales

Learn how Gameffective supercharges agents’ performance at Cellular Sales


Gameffective super-charges employee performance. Here’s how:


Gameffective revolutionizes employees’ learning processes. Here’s how:

Gameffective for Sales Performance Management

Learn how Gameffective is used for sales management, learning and CRM and pipeline optimization.

Gameffective Overview

Watch this 2-min video about performance management, learning and gamification.

The Employee Journey and Workforce Gamification

Learn how gamification and workforce performance management apply throughout the employee journey – from onboarding to social interactions.

Gameffective for eLearning

Watch this 2 minute video to see how engaging micro-learning works on our platform



Gamification and Change Management

Watch Accenture’s Adi Ben Nesher discuss the use of enterprise gamification for change management and habit formation.

Using Gamification at Yahoo!

Watch Yahoo’s VP of Customer Experience explain how gamification drove better customer experience.

Employee Engagement Management and Gamification

Watch Verint’s Senior VP Product Strategy discuss the use of Gamification within transactional or customer service environments, to promote employee engagement and change management.

Case Studies

Verizon’s Cellular Sales: Driving Retail Sales Performance and Extreme Employee Engagement Levels

Read this case study about how Cellular Sales, Verizon’s largest US retailer, supercharged sales performance and employee engagement in their stores.

Comdata: Driving Employee Accountability, Engagement and Knowledge

Read this case study about how Comdata used Gameffective’s platform to drive their agents to reach higher levels of accountability, engagement and performance.

SYKES – Enhancing the Learning experience with Gamified Micro-learning

Read about how SYKES used gamified microlearning to supercharge its onboarding with shorter time to competency and high satisfaction for both learners & facilitators

Using Gamified eLearning to Support Knowledge Retention after a Highly Technical Course

“To deliver great results, its sales people need to know its products inside and out, acting as trusted advisors to its huge customer base”.

“We’re Feedback Junkies” – Using Gamified Performance for Customer Service at Ageris

Read this case study to learn about how Ageris implemented gamification for customer service in order to increase their performance

Microsoft: Using Gamified Performance and Learning to Drive Call Center Agents

Read this case study about how Microsoft used the Gameffective platform to drive agent performance and learning.

Cato Networks: Gamification for Sales Development

Read this article about how Cato Networks used Gameffective to drive motivation for an international team of sales development reps.

Verint: Driving a 300% Improvement in Sales Processes with Gamification

Read this case study to learn about Verint’s phenomenal success of 300% improvement in sales processes with the use of gamification. This case study shows us how using gamification wisely can help a company achieve long time organizational goals, and promote the changes it wishes to create.

CSU-Global: A How-to Guide for Choosing Gamification

Read this CSU-Global case study and learn about new tips about the process of choosing gamification, deciding how to make use of gamification and selecting vendors of gamification platforms.

Gamification for Training in Financial Services

How a Credit Union used gamification to drive learning – and the success of the program for existing and new employees.

Using Gamification to Drive Remedy BMC Adoption

The process included using reminders and habit formation. Just like any app or service looking to create more traction with its users, just reminding the employees of the existence of the software works wonders.