Inspiring Behavioral Change through Feedback

Thursday, Jan 10, 2019 1:00 PM EST

Does our feedback really inspire better performance?

Feedback is a critically important tool to improve performance, motivation, and engagement. However, many approaches to feedback taught today are proving to be outdated and ineffective.

In this session you will learn to look at feedback from a different angle; one that allows you to promote lasting behavioral changes among employees. Change which will prove to be both beneficial to their company, and help them as they attempt to advance their careers.

This is the second session of a 6-meeting webinar series focused on employee motivation, engagement and performance.  This session comes right after we have defined performance and learned the basic principles to improve performance, the first session of the course.

Join the session to learn about:

  • The main problem with delivering feedback and how to solve it in 20 seconds or less
  • Ensuring all sources of feedback get attention
  • 4 Steps to feedback that inspires action
  • A feedback delivery template that you can modify and use right away

About the speaker:

The webinar will feature organizational psychologist, Dr. Eyal Ronen.  An award-winning professor and internationally-renowned speaker, Dr. Ronen has been focusing on the world of employee growth and performance for more than two decades, and is a true Learning Evangelist 

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