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Communicate Performance Goals at Scale

How to Use Continous Communication and Feedback to Make Your Employees Better, Stronger, Faster

In large, dispersed organizations, with multiple departments and a diverse workforce, it is difficult to sustain a continuous communication flow between employees and managers. Hence, instead of a structured, transparent dialogue, discussions about performance become a matter of personal management style and bias and are limited to occasional grunts and periodical, HR imposed performance reviews. The result – employees get disengaged, managers become more disdained and performance results dwindle. So, how can organizations free themselves from this vicious cycle?

Wednesday, June 27th, 12:00 PM EST

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In this expert series webinar we will discuss:

  • The 3 types of engagement that can hook your employees on a deep level
  • How to sustainably implement a continuous communication strategy in your organization
  • How to make communication structured, data-driven and scalable without making it restrictive
  • The tools that are available to support a continuous communication strategy and how they can be applied
  • How this process can substantially impact business results

Eyal Ronen, A Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Dr. Ronen has been focusing on the training and development world for more than two decades. In recent years he has taken a path that investigates and reinforces the human-machine interface to ensure superior e-learning efficacy. An award-winning professor, an international speaker, and a true Learning Evangelist, Eyal brings a practical approach even to the most academic topics.

Tal Valler, Marketing Manager at Gameffective, a leading workforce performance gamification company, helping companies engage employees to improve motivation and learning.

Gameffective is a leading workforce performance management company, helping companies engage employees to improve performance, motivation and learning. Gameffective supercharges performance and learning through personalized gamification and real-time feedback. The Gameffective platform can easily integrate with existing enterprise applications, providing a deep and effective gamification solution that significantly improves performance and is easily integrated into existing systems. Gameffective’s innovative gamification workforce performance platform is used by leading multinationals.

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