Gameffective Pro Series – Session #1 Simulations Rock

Wed, Nov 14, 2018 01:00 PM - 01:45 PM EST

Create Simulations that Drive an Effective Learning Experience

There are few training activities as effective as personal experience. With simulations, you can offer employees a chance to learn by experience at scale and without having to worry that they’ll break anything in the process. Furthermore, simulations provide an easy to use lightweight tool for assessing knowledge, guiding learners through training and monitoring the effectiveness of programs. In this session, we will learn when and where simulations can be used to optimize learning, and how you can use Gameffective’s built-in simulation tools to drive knowledge and performance.

The session will include a short theoretical presentation followed by a technical training session on the Gameffective platform including best practices and field examples from our clients. You will leave this session knowing:

  • When and where to use simulations to maximize their impact
  • How to build exciting simulations in minutes using Gameffective
  • How to use simulations in training, assessment & guided learning
  • How to evaluate and optimize your simulations for effectiveness

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