The Power of Positivity: Use positive language and expectations to improve performance

Wed, May 15, 2019 1:00 PM EST

Positivity fuels performance changes

Extensive research has proven the value of positivity on an organization. It is critically instrumental in building employee engagement, motivation, and performance.

How do you go from concept to practice, though? What should managers do to ensure positivity has the optimum impact on their team?

In this session you will learn crucial best practices related to positivity. These will consistently help you to upgrade your managerial skills, be more productive, and enjoy your daily work even more.

This is the fifth session of our webinar series focused on employee motivation, engagement and performance. For the previous session, dedicated to increasing employee motivation and the rest of the episodes in this series, click here.

Join this session to learn about:

  • The key difference between happiness and positivity
  • Why pessimists are more realistic than optimists (and why it is critical for managers to work on that positivity muscle)
  • The top reason most attempts to use positivity in organizations, especially to build performance, fail
  • The 10 emotions of positivity, and the ones that can bring the greatest difference at work

About the speaker:

The webinar will feature organizational psychologist, Dr. Eyal Ronen.  An award-winning professor and internationally-renowned speaker, Dr. Ronen has been focusing on the world of employee growth and performance for more than two decades, and is a true Learning Evangelist 

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