For some time now, we’ve toyed around with thoughts of how to create video-based game narratives that will give employees a sense of progression and fun. These are especially useful for courses, onboarding and the like.

We’ve developed a platform that serves these videos, interspersed with learning items.



Our first learning quest narrative is “escape room” (a.k.a “The Perfect Workday”). In it, an employee goes to work, in a regular workday, only to discover that all his colleagues suddenly disappear. To find them, he must collect clues that will explain their sudden departure. This elearning quest narrative has 20 “escape room” chapters with 2-3 learning missions each. It is perfectly suited for in-class training or on-the-job learning, and is offered together with Gameffective’s rich gamification platform, containing leaderboards, challenges, points and more.

Since a video is worth a thousand words, here’s a trailer of the narrative:

“I believe this is the first video-based game narrative to be launched in the enterprise gamification and learning market and I’m incredibly proud of our team” says Gal Rimon, Gameffective’s Founder and CEO. “We’ve emphasized the simple administration of the game, so that learning and development professionals can deliver something that’s at a high product value, yet enjoy the benefits and quick time to launch of a platform, as opposed to custom game development”.

We plan to add more video-narratives to the platform, so stay tuned!

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