Learning and Gamification aren’t two different disciplines; they work side-by-side. Both are used to change employee behavior. One by promoting a better understanding of the job at hand, the other through encouraging certain employee behaviors and by providing clear and effective calls-to-action that follow the employee across systems and processes during the workday. That’s why effective learning and gamification, combined, unleash employees’  growth potential.

We’ve been doing a lot of learnification lately, mostly by gamifying training and on-boarding processes at Fortune 500 companies. The results: a gamified learning process is 3 times more effective that a non-gamified process !

Many companies have already made the investment in Learning Management Systems. Using those together with gamification or incorporating learning management features within gamification, though the use of quizzes, polls etc are proven to improve employee engagement during the learning process.
One point many people miss about gamification is that its focus isn’t necessarily competition alone, as in getting people to aspire to reaching the top of the leaderboard. Gamification, done right, encourages all the benefits of true play: it provides employees with a sense of mastery and fulfillment through completion.

Ideally, when we implement a learnification project – gamification for on-boarding and training – we use a sim-city narrative theme, where city building is a metaphor to learning.
We used a sim-city like Theme, in which the user enjoys from gaining city assets when completing the learning tasks.

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