Certified learning partner@4x

Gameffective gives content providers a tool for ensuring high learning completion rates and knowledge retention. Its microlearning and gamification platform delivers content to employees in an engaging and fun manner.

“We used Gameffective to train sales people on a new product and had 100% engagement, and a content consumption rate of 99.4%”, said Maurizio Besozzi, Customer Practice Leader at The European House-Ambrosetti, one of Gameffective’s partners.

Content providers can deliver their own learning materials on top of Gameffective’s enterprise ready platform:

  • Easily create and tailor content for each client
  • “Pay as you go” option for Learning and Content Consultants
  • Enterprise ready, scalable and integrates with LMS platforms
  • Rich Gamification and microlearning

To connect with our partners and hear more about content opportunities, email lpaas@gameffective.com