Make Employees Learn and Apply their Knowledge With Microlearning Engagement

We’ve been spoiled by the digital age: our attention span is brief, we dislike consuming long content, we expect immediate feedback and recognition (personal and social). In short, we have the attention span of a goldfish and need our “dopamine fix”. If we want employees to learn, retain knowledge and use it, we need to think about microlearning engagement & digital motivation. The great news is that applying microlearning and digital motivation is very impactful, resulting in quicker learning, 90% completion, huge knowledge improvement and, most importantly, use of learning in work situations.

What’s super-cool about microlearning engagement is that is personalizes and adapts learning. It bases the “learning feed” on on employee real-time performance KPIs, benchmarks and engagement automation.

Make Learning Engaging and Impactful

gLearn is a system that lets you:

  • Create, author and link to learning materials
  • Push daily learning tasks to employees
  • Personalize learning, based on individual performance
  • Analyze results
  • Tie-in time-sensitive communications

gLearn is an eLearning engagement platform. It isn’t a Learning Management System that serves as a system of record, it is a platform for engagement.

Microlearning Engagement for All Learning Journeys

Gameffective engages employees with microlearning – and the pace and number of microlearning items served daily can be tuned to create a solution for any elearning use case. You can use this for Instructor-led Training, Self-service learning, repetition practice, performance support and more. Ask us how.

Deep Gamification

We’re pioneers in using more than just points and leaderboards in performance gamification, and have several options for game narratives. We can ask employees to level up, provide personal and team challenges, ask employees to bet on themselves, use “green” and “red” days, and drive self-reflection and cue behavior with engagement automation. In fact, we’ve been recognized as the number 1 enterprise gamification platform as a result of this depth and power.

We don’t advise using the same game mechanics for everyone. Competition can work for some; other employees should work against their personal benchmarks. Our success team helps you choose the right mechanics for you.

Adaptive Learning

For learning to succeed it needs to be adaptive and personalized. Each employee needs different microlearning at a different time. We do this by tying into performance metrics, to provide guided adaptation, by setting different learning paces and levels for employees, and by taking care to trigger learning, recognition and coaching dynamically and automatically, so that learning administrators and managers can use next-gen methods with less work and more results. Personal learning can be used for many needs, from keeping employees more engaged to driving learning just-in-time based on performance gaps.

Engagement Automation

Engagement automation is about a continuous dialogue about learning with the employee. Imagine having a daily cue from your manager: “just one more quiz to go”, “that was great” or “you just beat your personal knowledge level record”. Our platform does this automatically using a trigger-based rule engine. Engagement automation messages keeps employees involved, drive challenges, bets, microlearning activities and more.

Authoring Content

Content is king. Yet, not all learning content is created equal. Some is lively & engaging, based on brief interactions, and some learning content is… well.. un-engaging.

Engaging microlearning content puts you on the road to employee engagement and knowledge growth. Yet, many struggle with content creation, authoring and/or import into their systems, impacting time-to-program-launch and the effectiveness of their learning efforts. That’s why emphasize content creation tools that are lively, simple to use and deliver a consumer-grade experience. We also wanted to create a single point of access to all your learning materials, to make things simple and effective, in case you need to use Gameffective as a next-gen LMS.

Performance Support

Sometimes users need to access what they’ve learned here and now. They are expecting information to be as accessible as on a search engine. Using the search box they can search past learning items (and anything else you’d like to include) and answer their question. On the spot.

Visual Themes to Drive Motivation

Gamification is all about human-focused design, creating an intrinsic motivation to do well in the game. Gameffective is a pioneer in the use of narratives for workforce gamification. Narratives – visual game metaphors – communicate complex achievements, reflect a journey to become skilled and knowledgeable and drive engagement.

Points, Badges, Leaderboards and More

On top of Deep Gamification and Engagement Automation, we also support classic gamification elements such as points, badges and leaderboards.

Leaderboards Any Way You Like Them

Our platform works on mobile, TV and the web. This same flexibility applies to leaderboards: they can be anonymized (me vs my past performance or benchmark), show similar employees, work by role, relative performance and more and set individual or team challenges – which sometimes results in a better response.

Social & Challenges

Long term gamification success is about social proof (doing what others do), recognition and collaboration. Our social feed supports this well. Our challenges let employees see how well they’ve done in the past, and what they can do in the future.

Virtual Store

Studies show extrinsic rewards drive motivation only if employees choose their prize. With our virtual store employees freely exchange points for prizes, so everyone gets the prize that maximizes their inner drive. Virtual stores are simple to administer and can be a great complement to points and badges.

Manager Console

Often, line managers need tools to track their team’s performance and celebrate their success. The Manager Console does this by offering a gamified team view for the manager, as well as tips and notifications to drive managers into celebrating the successes and addressing the needs of their team members.

Analytics and Optimization

The managerial side of the Gameffective system contains sophisticated and flexible analytics visualizing performance over time and across any benchmark.

Gameffective doesn’t just track performance from the employee point of view; it also lets managers run a data driven organization by showing performance data for all employees, sub groups or even individuals. No more spreadsheets to track performance! By acting as a central repository for performance data, managers have access to the insight and information they need.

Any Integration. We mean it

We lead the market in the number of integrations we support – with learning management systems, knowledge collaboration, CRM, service platforms – you name it. Doing this, we give you the freedom to focus on the behavior and performance changes you want to drive with gamification. You don’t have to worry about coding, heavy IT lifting or long project cycles.