What is Guided Adaptation?

Guided Adaptation, according to Bersin, is to “provide employees with data, knowledge and guidance needed to continuously improve performance”. Yet, how do you provide employees with what they need, and on time? How do you tell what learning or behavioral prompts will impact their performance? At Gameffective, engagement automation and the integration with multiple data sources can do just that, for instance, offering microlearning based on real-time performance gaps (taken from employee KPIs), or prompting behavioral challenges based on external data (driving a certain retail location to improve customer satisfaction).

Next-gen learning and performance systems generate multiple data points about each employee, from their real-time behavior, learning consumption, actual knowledge levels, interactions and more. Guided Adaptation takes this data and uses it to prompt microlearning, behavioral prompts and more.

Use work-related data to drive learning and performance

With Guided Adaptation you can use data from any of the above data sources to drive learning and performance activities that are personalized and have the biggest impact for the employee and the business.


  • Trigger learning based on performance KPIs (next-best action): check performance KPIs in real time, and if one of them lags, send an engagement automation message that recommends micro-learning that reminds or teaches what is required to meet that KPI’s goals.
  • Using learning search history (from performance support searches) to prompt microlearning
  • Provide adaptive and personalized learning based on past learning results
  • Use self-evaluation by employees to choose learning paths and more