We lead the market in the number of integrations we support

With learning management systems, knowledge collaboration, CRM, service platforms – you name it. Doing this, we give you the freedom to focus on the behavior and performance changes you want to drive with gamification. You don’t have to worry about coding, heavy IT lifting or long project cycles.

Hey, it gets even cooler! We can integrate with multiple platforms, meaning that you can connect our platform to learning, performance and other systems, using their inputs to prompt performance. We call this guided adaptation.

Got an LMS or looking for a replacement? We integrate with LMSs, bringing SCORM or xAPI learning through our system, which is an engagement layer on top of the LMS. Whatever learners do on the LMS, we make sure the data is available both in the Gameffective system and in your LMS. If you don’t have an LMS, you can use our deep functionality to avoid buying one.

Data integration options

A secure FTP integration (FTPS)
Most of our clients send their data using these common file types – xls/xlsx, csv, json, or xml. Gameffective is a flexible system that can also adapt to other file types, if necessary. The process includes generating the files on the enterprise application side and then uploading them to Gameffective’s secure ftp site. This process can be either manual or automated.

Some companies prefer using API calls for integration. Gameffective offers a RESTful API to send data to Gameffective’s servers.

Data connectors
Gameffective data connectors pull data from enterprise applications such as SuccessFactors, Salesforce, SharePoint, Azure Storage, and many more.

Microsoft sharepoint
Microsoft Dynamics