Gameffective is featured today as Microsoft BizSpark Startup of the day.

Here’s what we told microsoft:

“The idea for Gameffective all started when I was planning to reduce weight and work out more. It became obvious to me that I needed some external motivation. At the same time, everyone was talking about the Y Generation and the challenge of managing it. Suddenly it struck me that gamification – the use of game mechanics to modify behavior – could work well with Gen Y employees.

As I began to explore existing gamification solutions in the market, however, I realized the focus on leaderboards, points and badges wasn’t enough nor were they well integrated into enterprise applications. But I had an idea.

My thought was to build a next-generation gaming platform with rich, graphical narratives that drive skillful change in organizations. For example, why not use sports, virtual city-building or song contests to engage employees more effectively in achieving corporate goals? If an employee has some fun alongside their goals, they are more likely to buy in to directives and make choices that will benefit the company.

You can read the entire story here.