Survey questions help improve employee engagement, and define a company culture where the employee is in the center. More specifically, in recent years, the popularity of pulse surveys has grown. Pulse surveys are designed to be repetitive (usually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and consist of personal impression on work related issues. Finally, pulse surveys are intended to be filled out quickly, and become part of a routine. Surveys are a great tool for managers to reflect employee confidence, awareness, satisfaction and knowledge.

At Gameffective, we enable pulse surveys right within our gamified platform, so employees are more inclined to respond and give their managers valuable inputs, since they are suing the gamified system for other purposes such as learning or checking in on their performance. Here are some examples from the Gameffective survey tool:

Open text survey questions encourage employee to write freely about things that concern them, that they want to describe or that they want to brag about.

A likert scale question gives the user boundaries that often makes responses simpler.

Use of images and especially familiar emojis, can lighten up a spirit and lead to better engagement and satisfaction rates.


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