Channel Engagement

Ensure channel productivity by staying on top of mind with microlearning engagement

Need to grab the attention of your channels, dealers and partners?

The reps and employees working for your channel – whether BPO, sales channel, service channel etc – have a lot on their mind. Oftentimes, they aren’t aligned with your sales message, processes, or product knowledge. With Gameffective you can make sure they know what’s critical about your product and service and put that knowledge to work. How? By engaging daily or several times a week with quality microlearning, gamification and retrieval practice.

How it Works
  • Mobile microlearning engagement
    On their own device, at their own time & place, you can drive a daily (or weekly) dose of learning. That will ensure critical knowledge is retained and used.
  • Mindshare through gamification
    With the deepest gamification feature-set in the industry, we guarantee that learners will be motivated to keep coming back.
  • Adaptive and personalized
    We use information about levels and learner achievement to drive the right learning at the right time.

Cover the entire learning journey

Our platform works across the entire learning journey, from onboarding through self-service learning, instructor-led training and training reinforcement.

Performance support too

With search inside, channel employees have the perfect reference tool for any question that comes to mind, returning to what they’ve learned to perform better.

Manager insight

Our manger module can be used to communicate to channel managers how their employees are doing in terms of learning completion, knowledge retention and even performance.

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