Employee Onboarding

Get employees to a great start, faster

Onboarding is crucial

On-boarding – and the recruitment process – is a pivotal time for employers and employees. It determines time to productivity, engagement and work quality. Gameffective delivers gamified on-boarding that uses feedback, engagement automation, game narratives and more, either instructor-led or self-service. Results are impressive with + 90% completion rates and a reduction in onboarding time.

A better way to onboard employees
  • Microlearning on any platform
    Create microlearning on our platform (quizzes, sessions and simulations), link to external LMS sources and thread it all together. Apply adaptive learning when needed. Serve in one of the world’s best microlearning platforms.
  • Deep Gamification
    Narratives – global explorer, quest, video-based – drive learning and completion. Our additional deep gamification elements, from challenges, betting on yourself, points and more and get the job done.
  • From onboarding to real-life
    Often, the best measure of onboarding is what happens after it’s done. We support learning post-onboarding, with repetitions, retrieval practice and can even prompt learning when performance lags.

Faster ROI

Gameffective can help your employees start delivering results within weeks instead of months. Drive proficiency using best practices in learning and engagement such as microlearning, adaptive training and automatic engagement.

Higher Engagement

Gamification and feedback drive stronger immersion in learning. Use it to drive a more effective onboarding process.

Measurable success

You hire your employees to do work, not to complete courses. With Gameffective you can easily monitor the real-time effect of training on your hire’s performance KPIs. Augment ineffective training programs on the fly and provide the right coaching to new hires, on the job and right when they need it.

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