Instructor-led Training

Get employees to a great start, faster

Make Training Faster, Better, Stronger

Instructor-led training and gamification work well, for real or virtual classrooms. You can use it to pace learning or gate it, taking advantage of its ability to drive completion and continuously assess learners in real-time, enabling instructors to change instruction on the go, deliver personalized feedback and better coach learners. Gameffective delivers gamified instructor led training that uses feedback, engagement automation, game narratives and more. Results are impressive with + 90% completion rates and a 40% reduction in time in class.

Better Insructor-led training
  • Microlearning to drive engagement
    Create microlearning on our platform (quizzes, sessions and simulations), link to external LMS sources and thread it all together. Apply adaptive & personalized learning when needed. Serve in one of the world’s best microlearning platforms with social and gamified engagement
  • Deep Gamification
    Narratives – global explorer, quest, video-based – drive learning and completion. Our additional deep gamification elements, from challenges, betting on yourself, points and more will finish the job.
  • Made to serve instructors
    Our real-time reports to instructors, Ability to control learning pace and sequence, solicit and provide feedback, simulations and more give instructors powerful tools to drive better outcomes.

Pre-training – the Flipped Classroom

Gamified microlearning “pushes” bite-sized learning to learners, enabling a simple and efficient “flipped classroom” environment. This can drive exciting learning, and give a lot of knowledge to instructors. They can gather data, pre-assess knowledge levels & gaps. Another option is to apply pre-ILT learning to to focus the live session on practical implementations of the knowledge.


Gamified microlearning can be a great way to deliver blended learning. In addition to instructor-controlled delivery of microlearning, quizzes, surveys, and role play simulations, instructors can see results in real-time, assess results in real-time, apply personalization or coach accordingly.

You can also deliver microlearning post-class, to the learner’s mobile or desktop.

All testing and other results can be delivered to the LMS or any other system of record.

Post training

Training isn’t done for its own sake. It’s done so that employees make use of it after they learn. This is where our post training capabilities come in. Using our “push” microlearning delivery you can deliver learning items for retrieval practice, repetition and more, growing knowledge levels over time. You can also measure knowledge level and confidence, determine the impact of training on business performance.

You can also use the system for post-training performance support, so users can ask questions just-in-time, when the knowledge is most needed, with a simple search query, like using the web.

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