Safety and Compliance Training

Engage your employees so they can be safe & comply

Make safety and compliance training work

Safety and compliance training are core parts of your business, yet employees don’t engage or retain knowledge. What if you could accelerate safety and compliance training and ensure employees actually retain knowledge and apply when needed? Welcome to the world of gamified micro-learning. By using feedback, social elements, microlearning (for both self-service and instructor-led environments) you can supercharge engagement. Results are impressive with + 90% completion rates and a 40% reduction in time in class.

Make Safety and Compliance Training Great
  • Microlearning to drive engagement
    Create microlearning on our platform (quizzes, sessions and simulations), link to external LMS sources and thread it all together. Apply adaptive & personalized learning when needed.
  • Deep Gamification
    Narratives – global explorer, quest, video-based – drive learning and completion. Our additional deep gamification elements, from challenges, betting on yourself, points and more will finish the job.
  • Made to serve instructors
    Our real-time reports to instructors, ability to lock missions, solicit and provide feedback, simulations and more give instructors powerful tools to drive better outcomes and personalize and optimize results.

Making training fun and engaging

Gamified microlearning “pushes” bite-sized learning to learners, game elements further drive motivation and social proof. All these make the learning process faster and more efficient. Our unique game narratives, video-based narratives and more work together to ensure high completion rates and learner satisfaction.

Engagement Automation

With Gameffective’s Engagement Automation you don’t need to tap learners on the shoulder to remind them to learn or undergo compliance training. Engagement automation uses triggers (such as users about to lose certification, users that’s didn’t access learning etc) and automatically sends personalized engagement notifications with calls to action that lead to relevant microlearning. Need we say more?

Serve your regulatory needs & show ROI

All testing and other results can be delivered to the LMS or any other system of record, and together with engagement automation can deliver on your end to end compliance needs.
Additionally, you can use the platform to deliver post-training repetition and reminders. Our unique ability to tie into performance systems can help you demonstrate ROI.

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