Engagement and Gamification for SuccessFactors Learning

An Employee-Facing Engagement Tool to Enable Success Factors Learning

Integrated Gamified Engagement for Success Factors HCM

Gameffective adds a rich gamification layer to SuccessFactors Learning, driving engagement, knowledge retention and impacting performance. Our gamified microlearning (on both desktop & mobile) drives learning completion and repetition, serving as an engagement layer on top of SuccessFactors learning.

We have many game elements that drive learning completion, whether in-class, onboarding or ongoing. We are the tool that executes Success Factors learning goals and strategy, through a simple integration. Our game narratives serve as a metaphor for learning, in addition to the classic points, badges and leaderboards, as well as social learning elements.

A Daily Dose of Learning

Use automated triggers and micro-learning to drive daily engagement with learning. Trigger notifications and invites to learning challenges based on performance data from SuccessFactors. Automatically enroll employees into learning campaigns based on their roles and activities. Let employees search and interact with learning on-demand and at their moment of need.

We can serve personalized, just-in time learning that will drive learning engagement, relevance and completion.

Built for Your Needs


HR Leaders

Empower employees with the knowledge they need be great at their work. Boost onboarding and increase course completion and engagement with your SuccessFactors content. Set your HR processes and align them on Success Factors. Use Gameffective to get the results you need.


Stay on top of your employees learning and performance through your Manager Analytics Console. Identify your employees’ knowledge gaps and provide the relevant coaching, at the click of a button, right when they need it.


Get the learning you need when you need it, custom made just for you. Enjoy fun and engaging learning activities that will boost your proficiency and improve your performance. Get performance support with access to any relevant learning materials whenever and wherever you need them.

Supercharge SuccessFactors With an Enhanced Feature Set

  • Rich Gamification
  • Engagement Automation
  • Spaced Repetition
  • Mobile Learning
  • Performance Support

Use the Success Factors HCM backbone and drive improved engagement with learning material and HR processes such as recruitment, on-boarding, on-going learning and more. Connection to performance metrics enables a stronger link between corporate learning and key performance metrics.

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