Training reinforcement

Because learners forget

A Daily Dose of Learning is the Best Remedy against the Forgetting Curve

Learning is important to drive business results, safety or compliance initiatives. Yet learners forget 90% of what they learn, and even 100% course completion doesn’t guarantee behavioral change. This is where training reinforcement or learning repetition comes in. Repetition, or retrieval practice is proven to combat the forgetting curve, and behavioral cues and notifications drive performance that makes use of learning.

Making retrieval practice work
  • Microlearning
    Gameffective delivers daily chunks of microlearning – from your LMS or our authoring tools, and uses gamification to prompt their daily use.
  • Mobile
    Sometimes the best device is the device employees already own & cherish. With mobile microlearning for several minutes a day, employees are sure to bite.
  • Adaptive and personalized
    To make the most of training, each daily nugget should be at the right level for the employee and tied to their actual performance. We do this through personalized learning algorithms, repetition practices and can even check employees’ actual behavior to prompt the right learning at the right time.

Performance Support Too!

Our mobile and desktop apps have an important mechanism: search. This means that when employees encounter a question at work, they can simply pull the same app they use for daily learning and ask the right question in our search box. That’s sure to drive performance change.

Super-high engagement

This may sound like an exaggeration, but our deep gamification capabilities (from learning narratives, through engagement automation, challenges, social elements and more) ensure high engagement levels. This immediately translates into behavior change.

Analytics that show change

We don’t just measure completion rates, or even knowledge growth. Through our tie-in to enterprise apps, we can help you prove that training reinforcement actually change behavior at work.

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