Drive channel motivation
and engagement

Channel employees make your business tick. Drive their motivation and learning

How can you drive the motivation of your channels, dealers and partners?

We hear this request over and over again: “I’d like the employees of my channel (BPO, sales channel, dealership etc) to be more motivated, to have our business on the top of their mind”. Others are worried that channel employees aren’t aligned with the best messages or product knowledge. With Gameffective you can drive motivation and knowledge, using gamification and real-time feedback.

Driving channel engagement
  • Real time digital motivation
    Drive performance by showing KPIs, issuing challenges, driving goals and targets. Mix in some social recognition too.
  • Recognize, motivate, play
    With the deepest gamification capabilities, from challenges through narratives and engagement automation, you’re going to grab their attention and ensure engagement.
  • Learning inside
    We always include effective microlearning, meaning you can also grow and improve the knowledge of channel employees.

Made for busy lives and new ways of managing people

The world around us is changing and so is work. We’re tuned for brief interactions with feedback, media, our goals, coaches and managers. We’re hungry for feedback and cues that we’re doing well. That’s why you should use gamification in connecting with your channel employees, driving sales, service and learning behaviors.

Video for thrills

Our Gameffective TV delivers a thrilling video to show channel employees where they are and where their competition is. Videos are the medium we’re most attuned to and our platform lets you make the most of it.

Performance support too

With search inside, channel employees have the perfect reference tool for any question that comes to mind, returning to what they’ve learned to perform better.

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