Contact Center Gamification

Supercharge quality, AHT, FCR and performance with gamification, feedback and learning

Happy agents, happy customers

Contact center leaders want to better manage their people, by driving the behaviors that lead to better customer service quality and satisfaction. Our platform lets you do just that, so you can communicate performance requirements – what to do and how – measure, and let employees self-track their progress. Measure AHT, FCR and more – and drive the on-the-job learning you need when and where employees need it most.

Contact center motivation that marries performance and learning
  • Real-time digital motivation
    Drive employees to better customer satisfaction by showing them their KPIs – CSAT, AHT and FCR. KPIs give employees real-time feedback and encourage them to correct their course when needed.
  • Recognize, motivate, play
    We focus on sustainable gamification mechanics that give everyone a chance of being a winner, with cool elements such as betting on yourself and narratives
  • Make learning happen
    Training – for new products, campaigns and onboarding – isn’t easy. Personalizing learning to fit with service representatives strengths and weaknesses isn’t either. We make this happen with impressive learning outcomes.
Enterprise Gamification

Made for busy lives, and new ways of managing people

The world around us is changing and so is work. We’re tuned for brief interactions with feedback, media, our goals, coaches and managers. We’re hungry for feedback and cues that we’re doing well. That’s why contact center leaders are turning to real time communications with their employees, to drive sales behaviors and sales learning. That’s the way we work now.

Incentives aren’t enough

Agents aren’t coin-operated machines. Even a strong incentive plan and clear goals don’t provide agents with the motivation they need. Gamification in customer service comes into play when incentives can’t, by creating daily micro-events that drive engagement and focus.

Performance needs underlying knowledge

Traditional managers separate learning and sales performance. We think they are better together, since you can’t sell what you don’t know. Drive message alignment, sales learning, coaching and best practices through our learning modules. We can also automatically identify which agent KPIs are lagging and apply the right learning and coaching to remedy them

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