Process and software adoption

Manage change through gamification and learning, until it becomes a habit

Change management, software adoption and new processes are always a challenge

Getting employees and partners to hop aboard a change – in process, software or anything else – isn’t easy. Gamification, microlearning engagement and real-time feedback can help, by driving motivation and eventually forming habits by making a meaningful behavioral change and driving learning to support it.

How it works
  • From Onboarding to Habit
    Use gamification and feedback to drive the learning to understand the change. Then apply motivation science to make it into a habit and change behavior.
  • Microlearning inside
    We drive microlearning engagement on any device, driving the daily doses of learning that reinforce change.
  • Deepest gamification
    Our gamified narratives, challenges, virtual store and more can provide the additional layer to drive change.

Made for Busy Lives and New Ways of Managing People

The world around us is changing and so is work. We’re tuned for brief interactions, feedback and cues that we’re doing well. That’s why change management that uses bite-sized learning and small behavioral cues can work to make the change you need.

Personalized insight

Our system can tell (through our integrations) how good people are doing in terms of process of software adoption and what their gaps are. As a result, we can drive different learning and challenges to different people, optimizing results.

Performance support too

With search inside, employees have the perfect reference tool for any question that comes to mind, further driving change management success.

Among our customers: