Gameffective for
Salesforce Gamification

Manage sales performance, message alignment and Salesforce adoption to make the most of your employees

Make your Sellers Work Better

Use goal-setting, self-reflection and feedback to drive the sales behaviors you need. Gameffective drives sales performance excellence, from calling, onboarding, message alignment, proper CRM entry, chatter adoption and more by applying KPIs and using gamification to drive motivation. Our solution uniquely combines daily doses of micro-learning that drive better product and process knowledge. We’re integrated with salesforce and available on the app store.

Driving channel engagement
  • Real-time digital motivation
    Drive employees to perform sales activities by showing them their sales KPIs – quotes, closes and more. KPIs give employees real time feedback, benchmarks and a focal point.
  • Recognize, motivate, play
    Our gamification mechanics are deep and sustainable, with cool features such as betting on yourself.
  • Make learning happen
    Getting your sales to understand and offer new products isn’t easy. Personalizing learning to fit with salespeople’s strengths and weaknesses isn’t either. Our solution does all this with exceptional learning results.

Made for busy lives, and new ways of managing people

The world around us is changing and so is work. We’re tuned for brief interactions with feedback, media, our goals, coaches and managers. We’re hungry for feedback and cues that we’re doing well. That’s why sales management is turning to real time communications with their employees, to drive sales behaviors and sales learning. That’s the way we work now.

Video for thrills

Our Gameffective TV delivers a thrilling video to show sellers where they are and where the competition is. Videos are the medium we’re most attuned to and our platform lets you make the most of it.

Sales performance needs underlying knowledge

Traditional managers separate learning and sales performance. We think they are better together, since you can’t sell what you don’t know. Drive message alignment, sales learning, coaching and sales best practices through our learning modules. We can also automatically identify where sales is lagging and apply the right learning and coaching to remedy it.

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