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Re-Inventing Learnification and Knowledge Collaboration: An Interview with Dr. Eran Gal

We asked Dr. Gal to share his insights about what motivates employees, what types of gamification work better than others and what obstacles a company might confront when implementing gamification. Since Dr. Gal is an e-Learning expert, the focus of the interview was on Learnification. Learnification means using Gamification techniques for the purposes of training or employee on-boarding; the use of game mechanics promotes learning, review of materials and encourages a sense of completion. It also provides clear calls-to-action during the process of learning, and is more effective than traditional methods. By creating inherent incentives to learn, implementation of learnification projects promotes better employee knowledge and satisfaction.

Yahoo! Gamification Case Study

We’re incredibly proud to announce our newest case study: “How Yahoo! increased its customer service KPIs by 10% in two weeks’ time”.

It features the story of how we quickly and effectively gamified Yahoo’s customer service, across geographies and teams, to create a lasting and sustainable improvement in KPIs.

Gamification and Interval Training – a Winning Combination

The world of fitness and weight-loss world is undergoing a revolution. Research has shown that interval training actually works, upending many long held beliefs about how exercise should be done and for how long. The concept is as simple as it is effective: alternating bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity works best. This is now perceived as more effective that steady-state pacing throughout the exercise.

Walking is a great example. If you’re in good shape, you might incorporate short bursts of jogging into your regular brisk walks. If you’re less fit, you might alternate leisurely walking with periods of faster walking. In this way, you can gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as you physically and mentally adapt to your routine.

Interval training improves your aerobic capability, strength and endurance; even more importantly, it keeps boredom away and makes your work out goals more achievable, leaving you motivated for longer.