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Our Best Content of 2014 – most read, most shared!

If we take a look back at our 10 most popular blogs over the past year, it’s clear that the face of enterprise gamification is changing – and for the good! Gamification was always about bringing out the best in employees but the “how” is changing. We thank you for your feedback and shares, it motivates us to work harder on more blog posts you’ll love to read throughout 2015!

Life Gamification: Apps that Make Habits

Our lives are filled with to-do lists. We must deal with endless daily chores (laundry, dishes, lawn mowing, carpooling, and much more). We also have bigger, longer term tasks: all those New Year resolutions we make and seldom carry out such as losing extra pounds, or taking on a healthy habit like running or yoga.

Some people are completely task oriented: whatever is on their list gets done, gets a little check sign or erased with a strikethrough, and they are off to the next assignment. Well, most people need a little push. Luckily for us, a nice variety of applications offers this kind of assistance.