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Using Two Types of Social Proof in Enterprise Gamification Communication

One of the underlying principles of persuasion science is using social proof. Social proof means that we are more likely to act if we believe others are doing the same. This post will show how using enterprise gamification, for sales, customer service, call centers, eLearning and more, is a great way to create social proof and increase the likelihood your gamification project will succeed.

The small BIG – why conventional wisdom about call center gamification is wrong

Persuasion science, when you think of it, is not that different from research based deep thinking about that elusive quality: employee motivation. And no one argues that remaining motivated in a customer support or customer service setting is not simple. Customers yell at you, you are constantly tracked and measured, and the work requires patience and perseverance in the face of repetition. In a call center scenario you may be simply ignored or yelled at. One of the book’s most telling examples is about a call center.

Before we go into what works to motivate call center employees, let’s examine conventional wisdom about customer service or call center gamification. We’ll then see why it is wrong.