Gamification examples

In many cases, gamification projects are really about using gamification for change management. The goal is the adoption of new behaviors to create new habits. For instance, driving adoption of and contributions into a knowledge management system. This was exactly the case when one of our customers called us. They had problems getting a cross-continent team of customer support specialists make use of a knowledge management system: they wanted to gamify the use of the knowledge management system, and reward people for creating and consuming content on it. We chose a city building narrative, designed the game and were ready to go. There was just one problem: the knowledge management  was hardly ever used by anyone at the company. Why would people log into it now?

This problem is actually common in using gamification for change management or adoption. The answer to the problem is fairly simple:  just like mobile app and web-based app providers have many strategies of reminding users to use their systems using a variety of customized messages, gamification can make great use of email for communication. We’re written about how communicating enterprise gamification projects makes a difference and better align corporate goals with employees’ understanding of their roles and their expected behaviors. Now we want to share how the use of email can drive employees to get excited about gamification and get reminded about gamification until the project really takes off.

Here are some examples of an actual campaign we had:

1. Creating expectations with teasers

starts in four days


2. Stating the rules of the game:

gamification communication by gameffective



3. Giving progress notifications

completed tasks


4. Giving reminders throughout the duration of the project:

1 day left message


Want to see what the results of the knowledge management gamification project were? check them out here!

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